Saturday, January 5, 2013

Valentines Wreath


I’m busy cleaning out my craft room closet and came across these really delightful and perfectly “Valentines-ish” fabrics that I just had to do something with.  So, first project is this wreath made out of wreath 2scraps.  I cut a pool noodle to 42” long first.  (You can get one at the Dollar Store for uh, one dollar!)  To form a circle form, I cut both ends of the noodle at a diagonal angle so that they fit together.  Then I connected them using plain old duct tape. 

The strips of fabric were cut at 1” x 16”.  Then I just tied them on around the form.  Easy!  Here’s the wreath on the front door.

There’s something about cleaning out stuff that seems to create even more “stuff” so I ended up with this pile of scraps.  I decided to use the leftover strips to make fabric rag balls for my coffee table to add a little Valentines Day inspired decoration.  I didn’t have any styrofoam balls so I just made balls out of grocery store shopping bags and more duct tape.  Whatcha think?  The black balls disappeared in the picture but they look really cute in my den!



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