Friday, February 25, 2011

Stamped Easter Candle and Ramekin Gift

Another quick post today!  The first day of the craft show in Savannah went well and I really enjoyed meeting demonstrators from the area and nearby Beaufort.  So here’s a “Shout Out” to the really nice girls I met today at the Springtime Made in the South show. 

Today’s post is one of the projects I am selling at the craft show.  These are the sweetest pastel colored ramekins that I have stepped up by adding some paper shred like an Easter basket and a little stamped Easter votive.  I wrapped the whole thing in cellophane and tied off with Stampin’ Up! ribbon and I think it turned out to be a sweet hostess gift or Easter treat for a friend!

To stamp on a candle - - here’s the directions:

1.  Stamp the desired image on a piece of tissue paper

2.  Cut the stamped image out of the tissue paper and place on the candle.  Hold in place with a small piece of Dotto if desired.

3.  Cover the entire image with wax paper.  Stretch the wax paper around the candle until it’s smooth over the image.

4.  Heat the wax paper with a heat gun until the image begins to appear slightly “shiny.”  The wax from the wax paper should have slightly melted and adhered the stamped image on to the candle.

Be sure to try it out!  Easy peasy and so very cute.  I have about a dozen of these at the craft fair and am selling them for $6.00 each.  Have a great weekend!

Carla Brasher, Senior Supervisor

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Cathy said...

Carla, I will occasionally see a cute little bowl like your ramekins and I'll think: What could I do with this? I usually don't buy since I don't need more cute things just sitting around. But you've given me such great ideas! I love your hostess gifts! Thanks so much for sharing your talents and your ideas!

Tracey said...

Very cute, thanks for the great idea!

ArtisticInkspirations said...

So adorable!!!What a cute idea...hope they all sell!!

April Porter said...

Carla if I may ask, where did you find the little ramekin bowls? I spotted some at Big Lots but they looked kind of big and they only had two left.

April Porter said...

Carla if you don't mind me asking, where did you find the ramekin bowls? I spotted (2) at Big Lots but they looked a little big. I also wanted to say I really like the way you post your asking price for you craft show items. It give us an idea of what to charge.