Thursday, December 9, 2010

Craft Fair #9

Craft Fair 55

I couldn’t figure out the best way to tell you all the individual items I had for sale at my craft fair space so I decided to take each section and break it down.  Shown above is a picture of the left side of the display.  Some of the items listed will be highlighted so you can click on them to learn more about how to make them yourself.

To display the Paperclip Bookmarks, I used an easel and a couple of cookbooks and showed them all around the sides.  These were $1.00 each and sold completely out.  I made 80 of these and sold completely out of them.  So maybe they should have been $1.50??? 

Directly in front of the bookmarks are the Magnetic Refrigerator Notepads.  I tied a little ribbon around them to keep people from fanning the pages.  These were $3.00 each and made a great companion to the bookmarks.

The bottom shelf from left to right:

DVD Gift Tins of Glass Magnets     $12.00     I found these kinda hard to display because if they were open, you didn’t see how precious the outsides were decorated but closed, you didn’t know they were magnets.  So I had to TALK about these - - they didn’t sell themselves.  Any ideas?  (I did sell all but two of them!)

Christmas Cupcake/Muffin Picks   $3.00  These are made pretty much like the paperclip bookmarks but are attached to wooden picks.  I packaged them in groups of six in a cello bag with a Top Note to close the bag.Craft Fair 61

Middle shelf from left to right:

Gift Box of Christmas Tags    $10.00  I made only four sets of the tags and sold completely out of them.   (One of the Twelve Weeks of Christmas Projects)

Scented Vintage Christmas Sachets   $3.00  I made three different designs of these and used two different colors of satin ribbon.  (One of the Twelve Weeks of Christmas Projects)

Skinny Bags Treat Favors    $2.00  These were decorated with accents exactly like the bookmarks, the magnetic pads and the cupcake picks.  Who DOESN’T love those skinny little bags of M&Ms or Nestle Pieces!

craft Fair 56

Top Shelf left to right:

Packaged Reindeer Food    $2.00   These are packaged with Top Notes in cello bags with a cute poem.  To display them, I put them all in a basket.  The problem was that as they sold, they feel down into the basket so I had to pull one out and set it in front of the basket to display it better since it was on the top shelf.

Framed Coundown to Christmas Art    $8.00 for the 5x7 size and $12.00 for the 8x10 size.  These also included a dry erase marker attached to the back with velcro dots.  (One of the Twelve Weeks of Christmas Projects)

Tile Necklace Ornaments    $6.00   These are packaged glass tile necklaces and were also displayed in other parts my booth space.  As they began to sell out, I just kept consolidating them so that eventually there were none on this shelf!

Christmas Gift Box of Stamped Candles    $8.00  I only had four of these to display so I stacked them and laid one on its side so you could see the actual candles.  These sold out too.  (One of the Twelve Weeks of Christmas Projects)

Stay with me!  I’m working on trying to get each item posted up close with instructions or links to instructions!  Can you say “overwhelming?” 

Carla Brasher, Senior Supervisor

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Vicky said...

Wow, you are really amazing!!! I loved seeing everything set up and it looked wonderful. It sounds like the sales went well, good for you!!! That was a lot of work!!
p.s. maybe for the tin of magnets, you could put a samll magnet board with a set of them on it next to the tins, with looks whats inside!

Tammi said...

You are doing a great job... I just hope I can find this again when its time to do it all again..... :) Thanks for all your hard work... It is viewed often!