Sunday, December 5, 2010

Craft Fair #8

Craft Fair 41

Today’s about LAYOUT – My space is exactly 10x10 and it feels pretty small when you try to cram it all in there! So here’s the low-down.Craft Fair 44

I have three 6-foot tables and one 4-foot table. The 4-foot table is the small on across the front on the left of the space. The most important part of the whole display is what you place in the front. This is because when shoppers are walking by, you need to be able to STOP them. They need to want to stop and look and then at least glance around your space at the other awesome stuff you can make with Stampin Up. So put the “best-seller” there.

The 6-foot tables are placed as pictured. Two of them are on the right hand side of the space and across the back to form an L-shape and the third table is on the left of the space. Craft Fair 45

I have two “walls” so that I can add more height and have a place to HANG things. I have one wall made of pegboard that I hung the advent calendars and banners on. As I sold out of things, it’s easy to move the hooks around and reconfigure the wall. The second wall was made of plastic lattice (nice and light) and gave me a place to hang my Vista-Print free banner and signs about my Stampin Up business like Hosting a workshop, Becoming a Demo, my classes, etc. I put that wall right where I kinda hang out. My catalogs and other business information are on the table right next to me so I can TALK about them!Craft Fair 42

Stay tuned……More tomorrow!

Carla Brasher, Senior Supervisor

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Debbie Flattum said...

Thank you for sharing the layout concept with us. I did my 1st craft fair last month and could have used your tips. I will be better prepared next time.

Joyce Bordelon, Independent Demonstrator with Stampin' Up! said...

You are AMAZING CARLA and Congratulations on a great show! The way you did your booth and the way you shared with all of us is a true gift to all!
Keep going Carla......YOU are a TRUE CRAFT STAR!