Sunday, December 5, 2010

Craft Fair #7–Continuation of Craft Fair Report

Craft Fair 57

My space was EXACTLY 10x10. So I needed to cram it all in there and still have space to move around. See the little space between the tables at the left….that’s MY spot. That’s where I kinda stand so I’m not in the way but can talk to people. It’s really important to acknowledge and visit with people. I’m sure YOU aren’t like this but I get all intimidated about walking around in any store or space and feeling like the “worker” is staring at me and thinking God knows what… make your shoppers feel comfortable and let them know that YOU LIKE THEM. I do love people so this is pretty easy I think.

To make shoppers even more comfortable I wore the Stampin Up “outfit” of dark pants and white shirt with my apron. This does a couple of things….it makes you non-competitive with your shoppers. In other words, your outfit isn’t more trendy or LESS trendy for example than your shopper and you don’t brand yourself as anything except a Stampin Up demo! The second thing it does is make you the OBVIOUS person to ask questions and pay. Craft Fair 54

Behind the table at the left is a small open space with a folding chair. This was the perfect space for our pocketbooks and drinks and the money box. Be sure you have a money box and have plenty of change on hand. I’m a complete SPAZ so I tried to keep a few ones in my apron pocket and pass the big stuff over to the more responsible helpers who would actually put the money in the box! I just used a plastic pencil box so don’t go spend more money on something that doesn’t matter!

My tablecloths come all the way to the floor. This makes it PERFECT to store my extra stuff like the boxes and extra catalogs and other supplies. Here’s some things that came in handy for me to have on hand:

1. Glue Dots – INVALUABLE for hanging banners and signs
2. Snail Adhesive
3. Scissors
4. Hooks and Command Hooks for hanging things on walls
5. Tissue paper to wrap fragiles in
6. Gum and Mints
7. A small cooler with drinks ( I GOTTA HAVE MY DR PEPPER!)
8. Paper sacks for shoppers (The huge bag of lunch sacks at Sams was perfect for this.) I made labels with my website info on them for the outside.
9. Stapler

More to come……Just need to recover a little more!

Carla Brasher, Senior Supervisor

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Debbie D said...

WOW! You're booth is amazing! I just did a very small Fair & was curious how someone else would set up. This gives me such inspiration for next time. I hope you did very well ~ you're presentation is awesome in itself!