Sunday, December 5, 2010

Craft Fair #6

Craft Fair 50

I missed ya’ll!  I’ve been at a craft show since Wednesday setting up, selling and breaking down.  And it’s been so exciting, so fun and so TIRING!  I decided to sit down right now and do several posts to bring you up to date and share a bunch of pictures and things that I’veCraft Fair 52 learned. 

Pictured above is the Carolina First Center where the Holiday Fair was held.  I’m always all nervous and need to know what to expect so we went to set up my space as soon as it opened.  Check out how HUGE!  I was in aisle 1300.  One of the keys to do well at any show is to have a great space.  APPLY EARLY with the event to make sure that you WILL have a prime location.  My space was just perfect.  It was near the center close to the entrance and the café section so LOTS of traffic!

My first two craft show displays were kinda “flat.”  I laid my tables out in a U-shape and all of my merchandise was laid out on them.  My readers and friends suggested, however, that the displays should have depth and even height so here’s what we did:

Craft Fair 59

1.  Purchase 6 12” plastic crates (Dollar Store – they look like mini milk crates) and a 2 x 12 board and cut it to the length you want your “risers” to be.  Lowes and Home Depot will cut the board for you even. 

2.  For the shelf in the back, stack two crates on each other for each end of the shelf and lay the board across them. 

3.  For the shelf in the front, lay the board across a crate on each side. 

4.  Drape the whole thing with a black sheet.  Ta Da!  Easy display that looks pretty professional.

More tomorrow…..Crafty Carla is worn out.  I’m getting too old to HANG anymore!

Carla Brasher, Senior Supervisor

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kay said...

Bravo, Carla! You did a great job! Your display looks sooo elegant! I'll have to do the risers next year! TFS!!!

Cindee said...

WOW! Sounds like your craft show was a HUGE success. Congrats!!

kreationzbyzabrina said...

OMG! how wonderful for you Carla! You did such an fantastic job. I love the way you displayed everything. Cant wait to hear more after you rest up.

Michelle Gray said...

Thanks for the "how to"!