Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bonus Tutorial! How to die cut a pre-printed page

You readers are just the best!  I’m so glad you liked the MDS Christmas tags from yesterday!  I got so many emails wanting to know how I was able to cut the printed paper and line up the die so that it would cut in the right place that I decided to do you a quick little tutorial to show you!  Let me know if it helps.  Your comments will be my Christmas present!   Let’s go….

001Click on any pictures to see up close better.  My camera is kinda stinky. 

1.  Use a heavy piece of cardstock for the template.  I like to use the backing from my Designer Papers.  It’s just right for this.  Cut the card 002stock to 5-1/2 inches.


2.  Fold the piece of heavy cardstock in half lengthwise. 



3.  Place the folded piece of card stock onto the die so that the fold is close to the edge of the die that you want to cut.  My die was the Two Tags die so there are actually two different shapes to cut. 


3.  Run the piece through the Big Shot.  See the example in the picture - - the fold is AWAY from the shape that you want to cut.  This gives you room to move your paper around.  You’ll see later.



4.  Now position the cut piece BACK ON THE DIE so that it is lined up with the shape.  Tape it down on the edges so that it won’t move.




Notice the placement on the die once the template is taped down.  The fold is OPEN.



5.  Cut your pre-printed paper so that it will fit in the Big Shot Machine and also line up easily with the die.   (Mine was created in My Digital Studio and you can see that' it’s a “rough” version because I intended to cut it out.  I also added my circles on the 008bottom so that I could punch those out separately.)




6.  Line up the cut pre-printed sheet of graphics inside the fold of your template that is taped down to the die.  Fold over the top and this will allow you to actually SEE what part will be cut.  (I sure hope this makes sense!)



5.  NOW YOU’RE READY!  Run the piece through the Big Shot and feel good because you can cut out 25 of these in no time now!


I hope my little instructional helps you!  I also hope that if you know of a better way to do this that you will share it ASAP!  Have a great day and make more stuff!  (Thanks to my sweet daughter for modeling her hands for me!  LOL)


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Carla Brasher, Senior Supervisor

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Jenny Hayward said...

Thanks so much for showing us this trick Carla. This is great! I was trying to line up the scallop circle die the other die and had a couple of failed attempts. I will try this out.

Have a lovely Christmas and all the best for 2011!


kay said...

This is such a clever idea! Just Brilliant! TFS, Carla!!

Carol said...

Great tutorial, Carla...I don't have MDS but your instructions were very easy to understand. Thank you for all the wonderfully creative cards and projects that you share with us. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Kris McIntosh said...

How lovely of you to share these easy to follow instructions. I'm sure hoping that by next Christmas we have MDS here in Australia. These tutorials will be such a help when we do.

StampingJoan said...

I was one with the question! Thanks so much! Love how your mind works!

Merry Christmas!