Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jolly Bingo Bits–Craft Fair #2


Yep, these are MORE of the same magnetic refrigerator notepads I showed you yesterday.  (Be sure to check out that post because there’s links to the instructions!)  Notice that they look TOTALLY different but they were made using the same stamp set!  This is how I am making a ton of stuff in a very short period of time.  I have also enlisted everybody I know to help!  My stamping girlfriends are the best and I’ve even roped my mom (who does NOT stamp) and kids! 

Once you make a thing for a show you only have half of it done!  You still need to figure out how to price it, what to call it and how to display and market it.  In this case, I decided that the notepads might get a little “shuffled” by being on the table or in a basket so I added a little ribbon around the middle of the pad.  It looks cute but it also serves a purpose:  to cut down on the temptation to FAN out the pages!  (Don’t get me wrong!  I’m all about FANNING!)


To display these cuties, I pulled an old platter out of my cabinet and fanned them out.  Notice that the ones from yesterday are NOT in this display!  That’s because I’m envisioning a “Swoozies” type booth so am planning to put my items together by color families which are based on the Designer Papers I chose to use for the fair.

Stay tuned…I will have more items to show every day for a while and will include a final price list, etc.  So if you’re not a subscriber to my blog, DO IT NOW!  You won’t want to miss this amateur’s attempt at craft fair vending!

Have any good craft fair ideas?

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