Sunday, November 21, 2010

Craft Fair #4 And the WINNER IS….

Craft show 1Ya’ll!  I was so nervous and so worried about the first craft show I’ve ever done.  So imagine how EXCITED and THRILLED I was when I won a cash prize of $100 and a HUGE blue ribbon for Best of Show in the Other crafts category at the Jubilee in Bennettsville?  Love the ribbon, don’t you???

I had such a good time!  And crazy?  I went all out - - I even wore the apron, made myself a cutesy little fabric flower pin using the Big Shot, added my pins I’ve gotten from Stampin Up for promotions, etc.  I WAS Crafty Carla!  So NOT me!  Or is it?  The pockets in the apron WERE prety cool and very convenient!   Kinda like driving a van!craft show 7

I set my 10x10 space up in a u-shape thinking that people would just walk right on “in” my little store!  But never considered where I would be.  I needed a cage or a podium or something to be stationed in because I was ALWAYS right in the way.  A little TOO enthusiastic maybe? 

Don’t ya’ll love those tablecloths?  I got them from a wedding supply place for a total of $50 for ALL of them.  They are fitted, go to the floor and fit my three 6 foot tables and one 4 foot table.  I love them!

Craft Show 2

I guess being right in the way and wearing my apron and red shoes was a great way to meet people.  There were lots of just really nice folks in Bennettsville.  (HI, everybody!)  So here’s some more pictures of the “layout” for you to see…

Craft Show 4

I tried to group like colors together and you’ll notice there’s a lot of the same paper and the same stamp set images used!Craft Show 3

I used my MDS software and Word to make my own little tent signs for the prices.  I will probably re-do these because even though they look nice - - they are small print and hard to FIND!craft show 6

Also, WE Stampin Up demonstrators recognize things like gift card holders for what they are but a sign sure helps those who have never seen a really cool tin of magnets!  Of course, I’m happy to demonstrate!

craft show 5 copy

I used a cookbook to display the bookmarks and baskets to put stuff in!  Notice that SAME stamp set!  And I wasn’t even gonna order it!

craft show 8

I really do wish I had some cool display stuff for the things I want to hang and the things I want to highlight or show off at a higher angle.  I bet YOU know what would work.  Please share it here….  please?craft show 9

Bored yet?  There’s still MORE!  Here’s the last picture I will share with you today.  It’s your turn to talk – tell me what you think and send me your suggestions!  Because I’m gonna do it all over again this weekend in Salley, South Carolina, at The Chitlin Strut!  I’ll be outdoors and will have a tent….can’t wait!  I’ll have some more to show you in the next few days including close ups of the projects, the prices I charged and where the directions are to make your own!

craft show10

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kay said...

Congratulations, Carla! That's so awesome you got picked for the winner of display booths! I second that! Your booth is fantastic. You have sooo much stuff, I wonder when did you start making them! Can't wait to see more closeup pictures. You did a great job! I like that you invested on the table cloth. I would do the same thing too.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! You're tables looked wonderful and everything showed so well. Will you share with us each item you had for sale? I wasn't bored - more close-ups please!
Sharon in NC

Peggy said...

Carla - congrats on a successful fair!! and on winning the ribbon!!
I have done fairs and I try very hard to get some height on my display. Sometimes I have used small, fake Xmas trees (both 3D and the flat wooden ones) to hang things on. twinkling lights are a nice touch. I have also propped up crates under the black cloths to lift up some items. Years ago my husband built me a hinged 6 foot stand - it was really just a frame that I stand up like you would a book and I used cording vertically and horizontally in a grid pattern. Then I used mini clips to hang cards, and treats from the cording. I had nails sticking up a bit from the top so that I could hang the SU banner from the grommets on the top of the banner.
Congrats again!!
a UA

Kris McIntosh said...

Carla your display looks amazing. You are one very talented lady. I'll be back to get the low down on prices and such. Kris.

SherryBee said...

AWESOME!! So glad you had a good time! I hope you made some money. Shoppers here, in AZ, are so selective anymore and don't want to pay alot for items. Might just be my area.
I'd love to get some of those tablecloths!

InspiredByInk said...

Holy Moly Carla,
You HAVE been stamping like a mad woman! LOVE all the stuff! I have found that I like to use baskets to help organize stuff. I found some big rectangular baskets that I used to put stocking stuffer ideas together. That worked really well. I also used small pots, like these red ones I found to put reindeer food in when I had mine in test tubes.

GREAT ideas & loved all the pictures. Thanks so much for sharing.

Ever your stalker!


Zoe said...

Thanks for sharing. Looks like you had some really great stuff. What sold the best? Can't wait to see the close ups!

Bridget said...


Terry Molineux said...

Carla the tables look awesome. I have tried craft fairs in my area and was totally disappointed. Never made back my table fee except for once! It's a lot of time and effort...only received two customers out all I've done and now I have NONE! Congratulations on winning the prize and cannot wait to see your pricing, BUT you never mentioned if you received leads or did you MAKE money??? Inquiring minds want to know....

Connie Updegraff said...

Great job on the tables and winning the Blue Ribbon. What item sold the most and how many did you make of each item. I am thinking about doing a craft show next year.

Kendra said...

WooHoo Carla!! Your booth looks awesome! And Congrats!! So excited for you :)

Wendy Hawkinson said...

WOW! Bored--no!! I wish you would have taken more pictures. I would have loved to have come and looked through your stash. Stocking stuffers galore!

elaine said...

Congratulations Carla! That is so great that you won the ribbon after having such a good day. Craft fairs can be a lot of fun. One caution about setting up at the Chitlin Strut, WIND! Make sure you have a plan for your displays if it is windy so your creations don't go blowing all over SC. I hope it is a beautiful day for you and you do well again. And what the others said, we want details, prices, what sold well and what you would do differently. Love the professional looking table cloths too. Everything looks great.

kreationzbyzabrina said...

Everything looks so beautiful! Congrats on the winning. How exciting for you. I did my first craft fair this weekend too. Boy what fun!

Tammy Mendiola said...

What an awesome display, Carla! You did a GREAT job! I am totally impressed! Can't wait for more details!

Shiozaki Beach girls said...

Great Displays and arrangements! I would probably put some boxes (and cover them with black fabric to make risers. That way, you can have things higher up. I am just so amazed at how much you've done. I might have to scope out what you've done, because maybe this is a great way to make a little extra $ during the holidays! Cool job!!!