Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Digital Studio Hybrid Invitation

The word "Hybrid" cracks me up - - I mean, HUH? Is it some kind of mutant fish? The type of Bermuda grass that I have in my yard?

It's the official description of the birthday invitation pictured! It's a Hybrid Digital Card. (whatever.) Here's how simple it is to bypass the expensive printer, the cutesy personalized invitations and go straight for the CUTEST invitation! I made this card using My Digital Studio, Stampin' Up's digital software. I just didn't have alot of time to mess around with it so I used one of the greeting card templates, added a text box and THAT'S IT!

I had each invitation printed on matte paper at the local CVS for just cents! When I got home, I wanted it to be a little bit special and even more personalized so I lined the envelopes to go with them. HERE'S WHERE THE "HYBRID" COMES IN:

I punched a small flower out of matching card stock and inserted a brad in the center. I adhered this to the invitation and now I have a cute little personalized invitation for my sweet little daughter that didn't 1. cost a fortune, 2. require three weeks to wait for printing.

It's all so easy and I would love to show you how! Did you know that I am MDS Certified to train others on how to use the software? The software does so much more than scrapbooking. Design greeting cards, movies, invitations, calendars and MORE!

Watch the video below for even more information on what My Digital Studio has to offer—and imagine the possibilities!

Carla Brasher, Senior Supervisor

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Patty Mickle said...

I love your invitation!!