Sunday, December 13, 2009

Don't Forget the Packaging!

For those of you who made the "NOEL" wall hanging (see the sidebar for the blog post), you have probably been struggling with how to gift it. Promise me you didn't do something tacky like throw it in a Belk's box with tissue paper and wrap it! Swear it.

Here's the wall hanging I put in this particular box...

I decided to use a shorter holiday word so that the whole thing could be hung on a refrigerator. The scallop squares, scallop circles and letters were cut using the Big Shot Machine. (Be sure to check out the awesome sales Stampin' Up! is offering on lots of Big Shot dies and accessories! Click on "Specials" above to learn more.)

Here's a up-close pictures of each square....

joy 4 []

I was so pleased with how this box turned out and the thing is you can use the instructions for this box and cater it to your own needs! Here's another example of a similar box using a window sheet for the lid. The lid was made about 1/8" smaller than the box to allow it to be tucked in instead of sliding on top. I put a piece of DSP inside to "hide" the surprise~!

So, here's the basic square box-building instructions for any box:

1. Determine the width and length you need the box to be. (Mine needed to be about 5" square.)

2. Determine how deep the box should be. I folded up the wall hanging and measure how deep I would need a box to be. It needed to be about 1".)

3. Next, figure how big to cut the card stock. Take the first measure and add the second measurement twice. So, mine was 5" + 1" +1"=7"

So, my paper was cut 7" square.

4. Figure where the score lines should be based on the depth of the box. Mine was 1" deep.

So, my paper was scored at 1" on all four sides.

5. Cut on score lines according to the diagram and assemble the box bottom by folding in the flaps.cutting picture_thumb[1]

6. To figure the dimensions for the box top, you will need to decide if your top will slip over the bottom or inside the bottom like in the window sheets top example above.

For the box top to slip over the outside, add 1/8" to the length and width measurements. Repeat directions to determine how deep you want your box lid. I made mine 1/2" in the first example above.

For the box top to slip inside the box bottom, subtract 1/8" to measurements. So mine was cut to 6-7/8" x 6-7/8". Repeat directions to determine how deep you want your box lid. I made mine 1" so that it would slide all the way to the bottom.

ANY QUESTIONS? Please contact me. I'm certainly not an engineer or an English teacher so if my directions are clear as mud, let me know! I'll try to help.

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